GERMANY Workshop – Hamburg



9.30  Block I. Welcome and Introduction

a) Presentation by Sabrina Marchetti, DomEQUAL Principal Investigator & Anna di Bartolomeo, DomEQUAL Coordinator Europe

b) Presentation by Marlene Seiffarth, DomEQUAL Country Expert Germany

c) Introduction round

10.15 Coffee Break

10.45 Block II. Tracing back the history of paid domestic work in Germany: Intersections of economic, social, political, & cultural transformations

a) Presentation by Mareike Witkowski, Universität Oldenburg

b) Group Work moderated by Marlene Seiffarth, DomEQUAL

c) Presentation by Benjamin Schilgen & Katja Savcenko, UKE

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Block III. (Migrant) Domestic Workers’ Agency at the national and international levels

a) Presentation by Karin Pape, WIEGO/IDWF

b) Panel discussion with: Isabel Arnedo (Caritas Hamburg), Mónica Orjeda (Verikom Hamburg), Rüdiger Winter (Arbeit und Leben Hamburg) Input and moderation by Christiane Bomert, Universität Münster

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Block IV. Germany: Where do we go from here? Current and future challenges and fields for actions

a) Observations by Elisabeth Bothfeld (former NGG), Helen Schwenken (Universität Osnabrück), Daniel Vintimilla (Verikom Hamburg)

b) Open debate moderated by Marlene Seiffarth, DomEQUAL

17:30 End of workshop